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26 year old Theatre Person, who hopes to one day become a fully fledged lighting designer. Currently living and working in Hornchurch at the lovely Queens Theatre (yes i know that implies i live at the theatre, it's meant to).I'm a Traveller of many roads including Canada, Germany and Namibia. I love Reading, Dissecting Films, Writing Plays, Angleing Lights, Levelling Sounds, Creating Photographs (when drunk and sober) Playing Guild Wars/Sims 3 and going out with my friends! I have an unrivalled passion for Kimi Raikkonen and motor sports in general.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

My United States of Whatever


URRRRM not much goin on got drunk with the girls on thurs and have been watchin copious amounts of desperate housewives

and on the mention of Paganism gaby said "come on its isn't a real religion is it" u can imagine my face.

Monday, December 25, 2006

im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera im in love with my new camera

cos its beautiful...

and i get to see my sister tomoro :)


Friday, December 15, 2006

thought i'd better...

...tell you lovely people about my little fight on weds. i was happy i was having a good night with louise i was laughing n dancing n drunk. this girl (short blonde and tubby) shoves louise, well lou is a bit fo a firecracker so she shoves back and starts shouting, and so louise being a bit of a fire cracker i step in to stop WW3 startin up n she smacks my drink out of my hand n starts swearing at me! so i um 'purposefully' step towards her voicing my opinions on rude twats and she stuffs the heel of her hand into my face! liam lou n this other guy pull me away, she goes on to pick a fight with andy rees's girlfriend n so her boyf punches andy rees. basically the result is a split lip and a chunk out of my gum for me and her being banned for life :)

s'all fun :)

oh and it was longest day last night and i got WRECKED and pulled a hottie to cheesy christmas music lol


Monday, December 11, 2006

November Mural

Finish the sentences:

1. I've come to realize that my ex...is no longer an issue

2. I am listening to... Red Is The New Black Funeral For a Friend

3. I talk...too much about stuff other people don't know

4. I love...music (nothing matters but the music!)

5. My best friends...are my scaffolding as i am theirs

7. I lost... my orient teddy in greece

8. I hate it when people...make you feel bad for their lack of something

9. Love is...unknowable

10. Marriage is....out-dated and far too christian

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking...why them?

12. I'll always be…able to surprise myself

13. I have a crush on...no-one (very weird feeling)

14. The last time I cried was because... i felt that i couldn't handle another knock

15. My cell phone...is beautiful

16. When I wake up in the morning....i press snooze

17. Before I go to sleep at night.... i wonder if i'll wake up

18. Right now I am thinking about.... my evil neck

19. Babies are...not something i like

20. I get on myspace...after i get on kates blog, flickr and hotmail

21. Today I....attempted not to punch people i am growing to dislike

22. Tonight I will....not think about my bank balance

23. Tomorrow I will....make myself feel good by helping out the 1st years on their directing pracs

24. I really want...a quiet life

25. The person who most likely to repost this is... no one as im posting it on my blog...

Sunday, December 10, 2006


well terms almost over! i won't be sad to see this one go tho believe me lol

basically spent the week drinking and recovering from drinking Chiro party on weds was awesome wrecked by 8:30pm dressed as a cavegirl (again) don't really remember much other than pip giving the taxi driver lifestyle and health advice on the way back (we left early due to tiredness) but it was a lot of fun :)

then friday we went out for seans birthday (even tho its not til the 20th) and that wasa fun night with all the peeps i lived with last year, everything got a bit on top of me that day tho was having serious problems seeing any good in myself and the occurances of the term so obviously at the end of the night i got ancy at sean for not being with me all the time lol i'm jus annoyed with myself for makin people feel stupid cos i know too much random shit and for spending the entire term moaning about whatever terrible thing had happened to me in the last 24hrs! but i love my sean and i know he'll be there for me whatever however hard that is for me to believe (yes i know i'm insane but i'm absolutly petrified i'd do something to cause a rift between us even tho i'm pretty sure i never could) yeeeeeeeeech

then last night Sazzle, Pol n Lucy had a house party which was very awesome got to hang out with some cool people i hadn't met before (LOVE YOU TRISTAN) and basically rocked it up all night. went a bit mental at some randomer that wasn't invited to the party n was being a dick to pol n luce about them askin him to leave, apparently i was scary heh. then stayed over at Lukes as we had a lot of shit to sort out he doesn't want a relationship and i don't think i do either we jus needed to make that clear to eachother as i was finding it hard to be normal around him n he noticed lol. god i jus made myself sound like a psycho obsessive but i'm not! he's a good mate n nothing else nod.

ok i do sound like a psycho so i'm gonna stop now lol


oh and the McFijan is back with his ex who apparently is short ginger n not overly attractive boooooo!

Monday, December 04, 2006

well my sisters posted more than me in the last few weeks so i feel bad!

went home for the weekend which was cool altho my leaving did seem to spark a certain person into revealing how she thinks of me which was nice, well not nice it gave me a very unpleasant trainride home but im sure she thought about that before she did it. sigh. anyway went out with paulo n SarahG on friday night, and all the redstars pretty much turned up so that was fun :) even with the hour walk home so we could all be walked home lol, then i went to watch arsenal spurs with harley n co (padge louis kat austin n sam) which sucked cos spurs lost n since theyr all spurs fans it was gay for them luckily i support the infamous O's who only drew :) then off to see New Found Glory in the evening where i was not expecting to seee a Miss Laura Snowling resident of '420' charleston residence Lake Louise 04-05 she was jus stood infront of me with her boyfriend steve i offered her some camera advice and when she turned round i realised it was her! freaky eh? awesome but a little scary she's jus finished her 2nd season out ther n this time Steve was with her which must have been awesome as the first season they did this whole crazy long distance thing. any way NFG were amazingly amazing i think iv only seen them once before so it was almost like a first time! urrrrm padge failed to get a t-shirt for a 5ver which has never happend before so thats a new one, next day(sunday) i woke up i watched a film called The Sundowners with Deborah Kerr trying to be aussie n coming out south american/texan but it was good if a bit long. then i traveled back on a very very packed train altho a nice man actually carryed my suitcase off at cardiff for me! i mean AMAZING!!! that never happens rejoice that ther r nice people in the world still!!!


Friday, November 24, 2006

im like bored... everyone seems to be going home this weekend well everyone being the gals i live with and sean lol. so i shall have a very empty house all weekend and nothing to do well othe rthan an essay on ealing comedy which i enjoy tho its gettin the essay started thats the problem n i shud probly come up with some design ideas as well as we're now in a larger group n the people me n claire have joined with dont really have much we can work with, well as in to combine our 2 designs tho im sure we'll work soemthin out its still very urrrrrgh.

um i dunno i went to the taste of chaos tour o n tues with padge and that was awesome i appear to have bruised my knuckle in the mosh which would havebeen more impressive if i hadnt been moshing with like 16 year olds, we felt very old, ther was like never a que at the bar cos they asked everyone for id so non of the kiddies could get the smirnoff ice they so craved!

got an email from Paul which was wicked as i havnt heard from him in like 8 months hes good living it up in teeside liek thers no tomoro! oh and Andy got mugged by a couple of chavs on sat night which is a bit shit his face is a total mess altho i dont think they broke his jaw which jus goes to show i cud have punched him when we broke up lol the only reason i didnt was cos i was worried id re-break his glass jaw!


Monday, November 20, 2006


we look good together dont u think ?


Thursday, November 16, 2006

hi im sean...dwarf porn???!!

im very hungover :) i love my emily yay emily is insane and is a monster. some magical happened early on the sofa but i wil let emily explian that to u and its not wat u think!!!!! right were of to get very very drunk to get over this hangover!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hello kate i love u :) mwah bye bye bye bye bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

EmLah and the McFijan

and those of u who watch greys anatomy will kno what the Mc means lol. well i met this guy in the first term who told me i smell and said he was from fiji. psycho thinks me. then i started talkin to him about 2 weeks ago about my tattoo (the top one) which led to a huge Pagan/Religon debate for about 2 hours which was scarily interesting! hmmmmmm thinks i blue eyes 6'4" built like a bouncer/rugby player but with a neck! and intelligent apparently! a week later its my 21st so im wrecked and kiss him, (alcohol is bad) and the next weds i see him again after playing pub golf yes so also very very wrecked, and discovered that even tho i was wrecked and he wasn't he still quite liked me! go me i think drunka and attractive! so i take his number and he takes mine n we text quite a lot over the next few days we decide to meet up on tues as im goin to muse on sun and creation on monday then a horrific thing happens! i can't go to muse :( cos the guy i was goin with bailed no one else can go and the last train home is at 2207 so very upset i dont go to muse and stay in and watch ghost instead, only to be joined by the McFijan aka Highlander aka Paul we stay up til 4 talking a lot of bollox mainly about red dwarf shakespeare injuries and the army, oh and a bit of physics but it ain't my strong point! he goes home and i hear nothing from him on monday "oh no i have been taken for a ride" me thinks only to recieve a text about 2100 sayin hes been asleep all day n is about to go back to bed cos of an exhausting weekend. i head out to creation and dance like a crazy gal with me sazzle even tho some wench attempted to put a stilleto thro my foot and cerys threw a very well aimed bottle at lolly who was wearing a hideous backless dress with a black bra on full display at the back!.....watch this space for more info on EmLah and the McFijan (tenner says it goes nowhere lol)

Friday, November 10, 2006


i say grey cos today it looked like it was getting dark at about 2 o'clock! damn wales n its rainyness! now anyone who hasnt i think should join facebook cos its fun! and like FUN and um i dunno lol. just been working on some stuff in the photography lab my first film is a bit shit so im gonna head out to the countryside avec parents tomoro to get some good landscape shots! theyr bringing my cello to wales so i can annoy everyone with wrong notes and crescendos! sean appears to have infected me with his love of exclamaition marks!

played pub golf on wednesday and it was like a high speed hybred of the one we play at home since it was done after about an hour and we were all wrecked! managed most drinks in 1 or 2 even tho they included beer and wine quite a lot of beer actually but it was an all round fun night. sorted everything with andy finally and i think i can be mates with him now even tho its blatantly obvious we still have feelings for eachother even if he cant see it himself it appears im not the only one to have noticed that look in his eyes n he's a nob for not seeing it himself, poor men they just cant see beyond the end of their nose! i'm gonna knock out a girl called lolly cos she said i was fake very loudly whilst hurredly leaving a corridor and since shes probably the fakest person i have ever met i may tell her one or 2 things about being a real person whilst i have her attention when im holding her up by her throat :)


Monday, November 06, 2006


i seem tpo have lost the urge to blog lol. i think its the writing effort. well i had my birthday, got rather wrecked on the thurs and a load of people bailed out of coming altho my favourite people were there :) and then onthe saturday.. the drama crew bailed on coming i mean sure they had reasons but they'll all be out for beams birthday tonight so its a bit like THANKS! but my billericay crew or part of the crew were here which was awesome much love to frenchie padge n jamie for making it to wales even tho it was cold even tho they ate all my bread lol.
so its down to some hard work now me thinks actually gonna go in early to design to tweak at my spiral staircase which i forgot i had to build lol well i missed quite a lot of lectures last week so u know its fine! really it was my birthday and like i was like ill n stuff like.

so anyway...... cup of tea i think


Thursday, November 02, 2006



im like so old its insane! lol also im wearing a lot of grey today, i dunno why but hey grey is a good colour! um i cant think of much to say really lol headed out tonight to get drunk....surprise.....then my possee from home r coming up to see me on sat which shud be awesome and also drunk....surprise....um i dunno i got some funky pressies from the mother inc. 101 things to do before you're old and boring, which is a book with things to do and a lil form to fill out once u've done them!!! ive already done at leat 10 so im all good, and an edward monkton book about amazing shoes which hurt, which i know quite a lot about lol.


i dunno? lol


Sunday, October 29, 2006

tempted to post drunk just for amusement sake

not gunna!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, October 27, 2006


LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Vodka Scooters

Stolen from ScottieMac cos its like so awesome!

The Vodka Scooter... How many times have you woken up in the morning after a hard
night drinking and thought, "How on earth did I get home?" As hard as you try, you cannot piece together your return journey from the pub to your house.

The answer to this puzzle is that you used a "Vodka Scooter". The Vodka Scooter is a mythical
form of transport, owned and leased to the drunk by Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine.
The Vodka Scooter works in the following fashion - The passenger reaches a certain level of drunkenness and the "slurring gland" begins to give off a pheromone. Bacchus or one of his many
sub-contractors detects this pheromone and sends down a winged Vodka Scooter. The Scooter
scoops up the passenger and deposits them in their bedroom via a Trans-Dimensional Portal. This is not cheap to run, so a large portion of the passenger's in-pocket cash is taken as

This answers the second question after a night out, "How did I spend so
much money?" Unfortunately, Vodka Scooters have a poor safety record and are thought
to be responsible for over 90% of all UDI (Unidentified Drinking Injuries), such as
bruised legs, stubbed toes, scratched hands and a sore spot on the top of your head.
An undocumented feature of the Vodka Scooter is the destruction of time segments
during the trip. The nature of Trans-dimensional Portals dictates that time will be
lost, seemingly unaccounted for?

This answers a third question after a night out, "What the hell happened?" With good intentions, Bacchus opted for the REMIT (Removal of Embarrassing Moments in Time) add on, that automatically removes, in descending order, those parts in time regretted most. Unfortunately one person's REMIT is not necessarily the REMIT of another's and quite often, lost time is regained in discussions over a period of time. Independent studies have also shown that Beer Goggles often cause the Scooter's navigation system to malfunction thus sending passengers to the wrong bedroom with the wrong person, often with horrific consequences. Vodka Scooters come equipped with Thump-A-Lot boots (Patent Pending).

These boots are designed in such a way that no matter how quietly you tip-toe up the
stairs, you are sure to wake either everyone else in the house or your downstairs
neighbours. Special anti-gravity springs ensure that you bump into every wall in the
house and the CTSGS (Coffee Table Seeking Guidance System) explains the bruised
shins. Don't forget the on-board heater, which allows you to comfortably get home
from the pub in sub-zero temperatures, wearing just a small outfit for the ladies or
for the men no jacket. Vodka scooters.........the wonders of modern technology...have you ever had a ride on one??!!

Monday, October 23, 2006


not much to report really had a rather random/good night on friday out with all the drama possy for Claire B's birthday went ot cardiff got wrecked stayed at Sams mates house cos i'd lost all the people i was supposed to get a cab back with, met a random busker who was surprisingly good and wheelbarrowed Sam along the road outside the Cardiff Union, oh yeah and we sang disney and musicals songs very very loudly in Cathys i'd feel bad for the people that live ther but since theyr mainly students who wud also have been awake n drunk i feel no remorse!

i just bought about 7 books off the waterstones website for 16 quid! Im happy with that i love that u can buy a play ofr 1.50 but i hate that most of them are shakespeare and therefore of no use to me since i already have the complete works! Michael Gay0Macher has left F1 so i'm happy bring on the reign of Kimi!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

The 18th

i woke up very early and couldn't get back to sleep, which was annoying. i heard Beky n Pip crashing about in the kitchen (my room is downstairs)before they headed off to their 9 o'clock lecture. i got up and discovered my new printer had been left outside my room so in a state of mild excitement i opened it up and set it up, it just fits in the alcove by my desk which is a good thing. i then shower and prepare myself for my lecture on British Film and TV. as i enter K131 i notice Jo and Jim and remark that i thought they'd bailed this class!? after 5 minutes of conversation i realise the guy standing with them who before now i had dismissed as not knowing was actually my ex andy! i felt bad for about 2 seconds until i remembered how he dumped me! anyway jo realised about the same time i did who was standing there our faces must have been a give away cos he left! the lecture was on Ealing comedy which is an interesting british genere and tends to involve alec guiness i dont know if i've spelt that right but hey. anyway after the lecture i went bck and had some lunch then headed into ponty to buy materials for my design project (have to build a scale model of the theatre) also i went to the art shop and bought some films n photo paper for my photography classes, the guy thought i was a 1st year cos he didnt recognise me, but its ok cos he only started after christmas when id already finished my course :). i bought the required design materials in ponty and a new perfume Insolence mainly cos it has an advert with a Muse song as backing but also because it smells nice. headed over to the design cupboard and commenced building of said scale model with my partner Clare, discovered i'd bought the wrong scale rule which was annoying. spent a happy 2 hours creatively our model is beautiful altho not yet painted. headed back home to give pip the guns i'd bought her for her Cowgirl outfit for that evening. ate dinner watched Americas next top model and got ready to head out about 7 with the guys from next door since the girls i live with had already started merry making in the union with their respective sports teams. had an awesome night down the union, really quite drunk, ignored andy again and complained constantly about my beautiful 4 inch heeled pointy shoes, seriously tho theyr gorgeous even if they did make me 6'3" or somethin stupid like that. laughed at Beky n kells Clown costumes and theRugby initiates in their gimp outfits. left the union about 12 with luke to watch a film having smoked danced and drunk a little too much.

ah student life :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

do ya really like it...?

is it is it wicked! oops sorry my essex emerging there, i meant he new profile picture, iv been spending a lot of time fiddling with photos, i think its only cos i dont have a printer so i obviously develope an urge to do stuff which wud probly need me to print it out afterwards! im jus sitting around waiting fr tescos to deliver me my food cos i is hungry and i is without food. got another directing class this afternoon im not sure i can take the intensity if its anything like the last one! like killer intensity plus i still havnt worked out what id liek to do for my prac, i dunno as ever im tempted to adapt a book, but u dont ge tmarked for the adaptation just whats seen on the stage so it wouldbe a lot of work with only half of it actually gettin recognised.

who knows eh? bekys man is here for a few days and altho i think hes great and yes i also hink that costello (pips guy) is great also it made me all melancholy about andy again, i dunno i feel a touch seperate from the crew recently i know that im not really but i still get the i'm missing ou tvibe from somewhere. i have no reason to feel that way so i'm probly picking it up from a parallel dimension, i reckon the split with andy was obviously an important thing accross all the many versions of me judging by the amount of de ja vu i had surrounding the event.


Friday, October 13, 2006


hey! so padge came over from the lovely essex to come see the Goo Goo Dolls last nite. THEY WERE AWESOME! the venue was pretty small so they were like right ther i even had eye contact with them some of the time! and johnny made the rock on sign at me n padge when we were bouncin about to an older song :)

so yeah padge just left it was awesome having him here, i always forget how well we get on when its just the 2 of us and no one else well no one else we know well! jus stayed up til like 330 talking bollox n makin strange noises heh.

ok so i kinda like this guy Oli, and yes this is one of the Olis from before but not the short one on my course (sorry oli but u r short :)) this is a guy who was mates with pips flatmates last year and hes lovely :) i really like him but i seem to make him nervous and although people keep telling me he really likes me he never seems to want to do anything about it! hes really funny and we can happily abuse eachother into the ground which is something i look for in any of my mates, his film geekyness rivals mine but he wont watch films he doesn't like the sound of whereas i'll watch anything and this u all know if only from the more random selections in my dvd collection (Dinotopia and Jabberwockey) i dunno i just wanna have some fun ideally with a guy but i don't overly mind being without one! i have awesome mates n everything so we'll just have to see what happens

everythings still a bit weird with andy, but hes stopped trying to be overly friendly to me now and is giving me some space, i dont know if thats cos someone had words with him over his "is it too much to ask for a hug" comment or if its cos he saw me gettin on well with luke a couple of weeks ago, i know him so well that he will instantly think if he sees me with any guy he'll think im having a laugh with them to make him jealous, which i'm really not. i'm still angry with him over the way it ended and i do intend to be friends with him eventually he gets one more chance to have me back whenever that may be, but i'm not holding my breath i' pretty much over him now so if that time comes and i'm with someone else i ain't gonna go running back, things in life have to run their course or they'll come back to haunt u as i'm sure he's now finding out!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

thought it was about time for one of these...

Ten YEARS AGO today... (1996)

How old were you?

Where did you go to school?
Quilters junior

Where did you work?
at school clearing the area around the pond!

where did you live?
bizza rizza

Where did you hang out?
at guides and at EYPA (now the Sullivan Stage School cos they got shit after i left n weren't allowed to use the word Essex)

How was your hair style
strait back in a pony0tail pretty long then too

Did you wear glasses?

Who was your best friend?
Alison Hunter

Who was your regular-person crush?
William Higgs (i heard he sailed around the world?)

How many tattoos did you have?

How many piercings did you have?

What car did you drive?
a very sexy Sabar on the game pod

What was your worst fear?
getting left on the ferry when we went to france

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?

Had you been arrested?

Had your heart broken?
nope :)



October 2006

How old are you?

Where do you work?
i dont meh hehehe lazy student am i

Where do you live?
treforest, mid glam

Where do you hang out?
Cardiff/Treforest chelmo if im at home

Do you wear glasses?
nope (mehehehehehehehe)

What is your hairstyle?
slashed/long/very blonde

Still talk to any of your old friends?
nope ali turned into a snotty cow

How many piercings do you have?
both sides of my nose n an eyebrow

How many tattoos?
2 both on my back triskele's r the theme. im getting a new one in 2 weeks woo!

What kind of car do you have?
don't be silly i dont drive

What is your biggest fear?
dying before i've done everything i want to

Have you been arrested since, if so, how many times times total?
a total of once. and it was peer pressure that made me do it! stupid superdrug

Has your heart been broken?
do u not read my blog!?

single altho maybe not for much longer

Can you do a triple somersault in the air following a back flip and perfect landing?
yes i do them everyday twice before breakfast 3 times at lunch and once in the evening

Sunday, October 08, 2006


and i got our wireless working! yes i know im a leg-end. its so good to sit at a desk and type after a summer of actually using my laptop on my laptop. i think my arms are confused cos they aren't ued to typing in a comfortable position lol.

fun was had by all at the foam party, i may have thrown up but u know the brave soldier i am i carried on drinking. there are pictures from the other freshers events here i'm in a few i think. so now the work starts in earnest. and it really does for me with my killer thursdays, altho after christmas im only gonna have 4 modules runing and effectively get mondays wednesdays and thursdays off! i couldn't believe it lol. more reading time for me if only cos i dont like how little random theatrical knowledge i have compared to Sam Boardman-Jacobs sure thats probly cos hes 70 odd and has had 2 heart attacks but i wanna know more than him

reeeeeeeet tescos calls


Friday, October 06, 2006

mmmmbop mmmmmm bop bop

yeh thats the naked chicken dance from scrubs.

and i know that the only person to get that was matty n maybe not even him lol.

urghy urghy im still ill

stupid cold

all my modules rock! i learnt more in 1 sound lecture at welsh col than i did all last year. i mean iolo was awesome and he knows what he's doing but he's no teacher. everything else was good altho photography was a touch weird. andy seemed to decide i was trying to make him jealous last week when i was drunk n luke was makin me laugh, i was gonna go apologeise to him for talkin to another guy n enjoying his company.... then i remebered that andy is a messed up fool. lol.

i love ikea i bought lots of nice stuff. but now i shud check my bank balance so ta ra!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i love abc 1 but im seriously fed up of...


i cleared out the libray for directing and design books.

better get down to it


Monday, October 02, 2006

hello everybody!

hows it goin eh? im gravy went to canterbury for the weekend
n now im ill with some kind of chest infection!

my modules have been picked n are starting... Theatre Design 2, Technical Theatre 2, Directing 2, Themes in Drama, Photographic Fictions 1+2, Popular theatre 2, British film and tv and Independant study.

theyr all lookin pretty good so far altho some of them may be a bit gay due to emma having decided she no longer likes me cos when she informed me that sean was "a fucking wanker" i said OI thats my best mate! apparently i shudnt snap about it. and shes got a lot on her mind tooo, i mean im sorry she finally got with damo and that i got horribly dumped and that my dad is yellow. but u know its obviously worse for her. ugh shes makin me mad so im gonna not talk about it!

my loan hasnt come thro yet :( i hope to see its glorious money ness soooooon. but now im gonna buy some speakers on my credit card.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Uni Life

Well im back in the valleys, its lovely to be back wth everyone and iv been having a wicked time even inspite of the fact that andy broke up with me on tuesday, with no real reason other than he feels that the summer was too mch of a strain for our relationship, all i wish is that he'd have said something to me sooner, if only so i could have tried to help him with it. he's admitted how great we were and how hes so very sorry to end it. the thing i don't get is why. we get onso well and each think the other is gorgeous, most people seem to be in the same level of shock i am when i tell them. i'll be reeet. he can have til my birthday to come to his senses and deal with his issues, by then ill be over him and it'll all work out. i know ill end up his friend whatever its just so silly to break up when we compliment eachother so well.

hes too short for me anyway ... :(

which doesn't really matter cos hes perfect for me....


our house is beautiful the least student like house ever, dishwasher washing machine and dryer leather couches top of the range cooker and beautiful rooms with a lovely conservatory. i enrolled today so the loan should be going in tomoro woo! heh. ill keep u posted kiddies


Thursday, September 21, 2006

back to uni tommoro!

yes yes finally i get to leeeeaaaaavvveeeee lol. altho it does mean that i wont have internet til next thurs cos thats when paul the ntl guy is coming to install it! which is annoyin since my new game having taken 4 weeks to arrive arrived this morning. so i shall have to wait to thoroughly immerse myself in Guild Wars: Factions! i wanna play it non stop but headed out to chelmo at 7 lol. still at least iv managed to pack everyhtin! my digerstion still aint work thanks to the wonderful panikillers that aint so wonderful lol. also my sheets seem to have disappeared the ones i have for uni i mean i didnt just wake up and discover i had no sheets. thatd b silly! so i shall have to get some at tescos when i get ther TOMORROW! woo!!!!!! i get to spend lots of time annoyin andy i the flesh get drunk with beky n pippa n sazzle n the chiro boys and pol n lucy and emma and beeeeam and dan and SEAN!!!!!!! hehe far too excited!
just pray i dont get a stinker of a hangover eh? don't fancy the essex cardiff journey hingover for the um 5th time ina row lol


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Girls Night!

we had an awesome night last nite! it was jus me sarah n sarah n gabby but it was so much fun. especially since me n the 2 sarahs didnt actually realise how drunk we were!! we just chatted about everythin put the world to rights n i learnt lots about law modules! which was interesting i guess lol. sarah g gave her seal of approval to andy which is good lol. n theyv all agreed to come to wales for my 21st which should be pretty mega! i cant believe im old lol.

went 2 tk maxx today n bought an awesome leather jacket n purse n bag so im all set for the new uni year coupled with my virgo jeans the jacket looks awesome and fits awesomely and its brown no black! lol so now i finally have a coat that aint black or denim plus it will look funky with the brown boots that were mums that im finally getting the heel put back on, it fell off and i mean literally fell off whilst i was walking down some stairs, it was um interesting lol.

also i finsihed my job yesterday! they got me a card and everything plus an hmv gift voucher guess they figured i could use some new music sinceall iv done is listen to the stuff i already have all summer. theyr cool people n ill miss them however the workload was gay nd boring and i had to get up at like 8:30 so nooooooooo thanks! heh


lots of nice lazy morings for 2 weeks n then the fun starts lol


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


s'up ma peeps! lol im sorry iv spentall day typing out addresses. its not fun im not overly sure its worth the neck cramps and like stuff. i appear to be on the mend tho my chest keeps feeling tight but thats jus the rhinitus restricting my nasal passages nod. but i hate breathing thro my mouth so ill jus have to put up with my complaining chest mus-cles lol.
everything feels like its wrapping up for the summer at last! i have 3 more days of work typing out addresses i wanna go back n work with the team iv been with all summer :( bastards changing my team for the last week! im laying off the painkillers cos i wanna save some for when i hurt myself at uni sincei dont intend to go to the doctors for a very very very long time lol.
ooo fratellis on the raaadio!!!!!!1 i really must get their new album since i do love them quite a lot. even if they are scottish! and we all know how i feel about scottish people lol.
uuuuuuurrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm i cant think of anythin to say other than..

SCHUHIE IS RETIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

i just talked to Rachel CB!!!!!!!!1 im rather hyper now canada friend whos an absolute dude shs been hiding at camp america all summer! wooo rachel!!!!!!!!

i have apple tea!


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

stand by to be amused...

basically i have 3 mediacl issues
1 neck sapasms which are causing pain in neck and rear headaches
1 sinus infection causing numbness loss of smell and headaches at front of head
and i mild concussion after smacking my head on a shutter which caused me to tense and strain my ribs.
and! one nasal spray which may cause nose bleeds



Wednesday, September 06, 2006

well and update on yesterday... got totally engulfed in pain. was not happy so went to hospital n they sed...... spasming neck muscles r effecting my entire back and head! nice

lovely in fact



Tuesday, September 05, 2006

muscular issues

yeh so its just a strained muscle, n the headaches r caused by my stiff neck which is caused by a too low desk at work... fun lol.

i was gonna add some pics from last nite onto here posting them from flickr using the flickr post to blog service but.... it doesn't appear to work with blogger in beta wouldn't u have guessed it! heh. so ill do them the old fashioned way :)
but it doesnt wanna work so go to here!

peace out biatches


well um

i get back from dukes last nite bend over to find my keys n im like ow! my ribs hurts! OW! so i think ah itll go away n go to bed, woken during the night by pain in left side of ribs i mean ow! so now im goni to the docs! it reminds me of the torn muscle pain :( so hopefully if i get it sorted fast this time it wont take 8 months to heal! plus while im there i can say im getting headaches think its from my stiff neck! please tell me its not a brain tumor. i think im actually doing worse this year than last year lol at least last year it was mainly my imagination lol.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well Hello There!

here I am then on my brand new blog! my old and well used and very personalized blog can be found here EmLahs Mountain as well as my Script which can be found here Sea Blue my life in photos(sorry matty i stole ur title) is here Flickr Pics and now as i have more room to play on this beautiful new blog i will probably start posting the prime examples of a night out on here! i think i'll probably miss my old blog, but as it was difficult and refused to switch over to Beta i took it as a sign that now was the time for a change and a page that can be loaded faster! plus i'll probly update more now :)


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