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Sunday, December 10, 2006


well terms almost over! i won't be sad to see this one go tho believe me lol

basically spent the week drinking and recovering from drinking Chiro party on weds was awesome wrecked by 8:30pm dressed as a cavegirl (again) don't really remember much other than pip giving the taxi driver lifestyle and health advice on the way back (we left early due to tiredness) but it was a lot of fun :)

then friday we went out for seans birthday (even tho its not til the 20th) and that wasa fun night with all the peeps i lived with last year, everything got a bit on top of me that day tho was having serious problems seeing any good in myself and the occurances of the term so obviously at the end of the night i got ancy at sean for not being with me all the time lol i'm jus annoyed with myself for makin people feel stupid cos i know too much random shit and for spending the entire term moaning about whatever terrible thing had happened to me in the last 24hrs! but i love my sean and i know he'll be there for me whatever however hard that is for me to believe (yes i know i'm insane but i'm absolutly petrified i'd do something to cause a rift between us even tho i'm pretty sure i never could) yeeeeeeeeech

then last night Sazzle, Pol n Lucy had a house party which was very awesome got to hang out with some cool people i hadn't met before (LOVE YOU TRISTAN) and basically rocked it up all night. went a bit mental at some randomer that wasn't invited to the party n was being a dick to pol n luce about them askin him to leave, apparently i was scary heh. then stayed over at Lukes as we had a lot of shit to sort out he doesn't want a relationship and i don't think i do either we jus needed to make that clear to eachother as i was finding it hard to be normal around him n he noticed lol. god i jus made myself sound like a psycho obsessive but i'm not! he's a good mate n nothing else nod.

ok i do sound like a psycho so i'm gonna stop now lol


oh and the McFijan is back with his ex who apparently is short ginger n not overly attractive boooooo!

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