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26 year old Theatre Person, who hopes to one day become a fully fledged lighting designer. Currently living and working in Hornchurch at the lovely Queens Theatre (yes i know that implies i live at the theatre, it's meant to).I'm a Traveller of many roads including Canada, Germany and Namibia. I love Reading, Dissecting Films, Writing Plays, Angleing Lights, Levelling Sounds, Creating Photographs (when drunk and sober) Playing Guild Wars/Sims 3 and going out with my friends! I have an unrivalled passion for Kimi Raikkonen and motor sports in general.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


s'up ma peeps! lol im sorry iv spentall day typing out addresses. its not fun im not overly sure its worth the neck cramps and like stuff. i appear to be on the mend tho my chest keeps feeling tight but thats jus the rhinitus restricting my nasal passages nod. but i hate breathing thro my mouth so ill jus have to put up with my complaining chest mus-cles lol.
everything feels like its wrapping up for the summer at last! i have 3 more days of work typing out addresses i wanna go back n work with the team iv been with all summer :( bastards changing my team for the last week! im laying off the painkillers cos i wanna save some for when i hurt myself at uni sincei dont intend to go to the doctors for a very very very long time lol.
ooo fratellis on the raaadio!!!!!!1 i really must get their new album since i do love them quite a lot. even if they are scottish! and we all know how i feel about scottish people lol.
uuuuuuurrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm i cant think of anythin to say other than..

SCHUHIE IS RETIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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