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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Uni Life

Well im back in the valleys, its lovely to be back wth everyone and iv been having a wicked time even inspite of the fact that andy broke up with me on tuesday, with no real reason other than he feels that the summer was too mch of a strain for our relationship, all i wish is that he'd have said something to me sooner, if only so i could have tried to help him with it. he's admitted how great we were and how hes so very sorry to end it. the thing i don't get is why. we get onso well and each think the other is gorgeous, most people seem to be in the same level of shock i am when i tell them. i'll be reeet. he can have til my birthday to come to his senses and deal with his issues, by then ill be over him and it'll all work out. i know ill end up his friend whatever its just so silly to break up when we compliment eachother so well.

hes too short for me anyway ... :(

which doesn't really matter cos hes perfect for me....


our house is beautiful the least student like house ever, dishwasher washing machine and dryer leather couches top of the range cooker and beautiful rooms with a lovely conservatory. i enrolled today so the loan should be going in tomoro woo! heh. ill keep u posted kiddies


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Kate said...

We want lots and lots of pics of your house! Kisses from me xxx