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26 year old Theatre Person, who hopes to one day become a fully fledged lighting designer. Currently living and working in Hornchurch at the lovely Queens Theatre (yes i know that implies i live at the theatre, it's meant to).I'm a Traveller of many roads including Canada, Germany and Namibia. I love Reading, Dissecting Films, Writing Plays, Angleing Lights, Levelling Sounds, Creating Photographs (when drunk and sober) Playing Guild Wars/Sims 3 and going out with my friends! I have an unrivalled passion for Kimi Raikkonen and motor sports in general.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

Life's Little Nuances

this is perhaps my favourite occurance of the last few months;

ok so last night i was feelin pretty down...probably because i spent 2 weeks not having to do any work so had a lot more time to think about the life the universe and everything. so i had a bit of a moan to myself about it and decided to have a cigarette. off i trot downstairs and this guy appears out of no where and starts chatting to me and for some reason it just gave me back any faith in myself and people in general. i then had a good natter to my haras and the night got even better :)

just one of those experiences that make u think someones looking out for u somewhere.