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Friday, October 06, 2006

mmmmbop mmmmmm bop bop

yeh thats the naked chicken dance from scrubs.

and i know that the only person to get that was matty n maybe not even him lol.

urghy urghy im still ill

stupid cold

all my modules rock! i learnt more in 1 sound lecture at welsh col than i did all last year. i mean iolo was awesome and he knows what he's doing but he's no teacher. everything else was good altho photography was a touch weird. andy seemed to decide i was trying to make him jealous last week when i was drunk n luke was makin me laugh, i was gonna go apologeise to him for talkin to another guy n enjoying his company.... then i remebered that andy is a messed up fool. lol.

i love ikea i bought lots of nice stuff. but now i shud check my bank balance so ta ra!


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