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Friday, October 13, 2006


hey! so padge came over from the lovely essex to come see the Goo Goo Dolls last nite. THEY WERE AWESOME! the venue was pretty small so they were like right ther i even had eye contact with them some of the time! and johnny made the rock on sign at me n padge when we were bouncin about to an older song :)

so yeah padge just left it was awesome having him here, i always forget how well we get on when its just the 2 of us and no one else well no one else we know well! jus stayed up til like 330 talking bollox n makin strange noises heh.

ok so i kinda like this guy Oli, and yes this is one of the Olis from before but not the short one on my course (sorry oli but u r short :)) this is a guy who was mates with pips flatmates last year and hes lovely :) i really like him but i seem to make him nervous and although people keep telling me he really likes me he never seems to want to do anything about it! hes really funny and we can happily abuse eachother into the ground which is something i look for in any of my mates, his film geekyness rivals mine but he wont watch films he doesn't like the sound of whereas i'll watch anything and this u all know if only from the more random selections in my dvd collection (Dinotopia and Jabberwockey) i dunno i just wanna have some fun ideally with a guy but i don't overly mind being without one! i have awesome mates n everything so we'll just have to see what happens

everythings still a bit weird with andy, but hes stopped trying to be overly friendly to me now and is giving me some space, i dont know if thats cos someone had words with him over his "is it too much to ask for a hug" comment or if its cos he saw me gettin on well with luke a couple of weeks ago, i know him so well that he will instantly think if he sees me with any guy he'll think im having a laugh with them to make him jealous, which i'm really not. i'm still angry with him over the way it ended and i do intend to be friends with him eventually he gets one more chance to have me back whenever that may be, but i'm not holding my breath i' pretty much over him now so if that time comes and i'm with someone else i ain't gonna go running back, things in life have to run their course or they'll come back to haunt u as i'm sure he's now finding out!


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