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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The 18th

i woke up very early and couldn't get back to sleep, which was annoying. i heard Beky n Pip crashing about in the kitchen (my room is downstairs)before they headed off to their 9 o'clock lecture. i got up and discovered my new printer had been left outside my room so in a state of mild excitement i opened it up and set it up, it just fits in the alcove by my desk which is a good thing. i then shower and prepare myself for my lecture on British Film and TV. as i enter K131 i notice Jo and Jim and remark that i thought they'd bailed this class!? after 5 minutes of conversation i realise the guy standing with them who before now i had dismissed as not knowing was actually my ex andy! i felt bad for about 2 seconds until i remembered how he dumped me! anyway jo realised about the same time i did who was standing there our faces must have been a give away cos he left! the lecture was on Ealing comedy which is an interesting british genere and tends to involve alec guiness i dont know if i've spelt that right but hey. anyway after the lecture i went bck and had some lunch then headed into ponty to buy materials for my design project (have to build a scale model of the theatre) also i went to the art shop and bought some films n photo paper for my photography classes, the guy thought i was a 1st year cos he didnt recognise me, but its ok cos he only started after christmas when id already finished my course :). i bought the required design materials in ponty and a new perfume Insolence mainly cos it has an advert with a Muse song as backing but also because it smells nice. headed over to the design cupboard and commenced building of said scale model with my partner Clare, discovered i'd bought the wrong scale rule which was annoying. spent a happy 2 hours creatively our model is beautiful altho not yet painted. headed back home to give pip the guns i'd bought her for her Cowgirl outfit for that evening. ate dinner watched Americas next top model and got ready to head out about 7 with the guys from next door since the girls i live with had already started merry making in the union with their respective sports teams. had an awesome night down the union, really quite drunk, ignored andy again and complained constantly about my beautiful 4 inch heeled pointy shoes, seriously tho theyr gorgeous even if they did make me 6'3" or somethin stupid like that. laughed at Beky n kells Clown costumes and theRugby initiates in their gimp outfits. left the union about 12 with luke to watch a film having smoked danced and drunk a little too much.

ah student life :)

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