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Friday, December 15, 2006

thought i'd better...

...tell you lovely people about my little fight on weds. i was happy i was having a good night with louise i was laughing n dancing n drunk. this girl (short blonde and tubby) shoves louise, well lou is a bit fo a firecracker so she shoves back and starts shouting, and so louise being a bit of a fire cracker i step in to stop WW3 startin up n she smacks my drink out of my hand n starts swearing at me! so i um 'purposefully' step towards her voicing my opinions on rude twats and she stuffs the heel of her hand into my face! liam lou n this other guy pull me away, she goes on to pick a fight with andy rees's girlfriend n so her boyf punches andy rees. basically the result is a split lip and a chunk out of my gum for me and her being banned for life :)

s'all fun :)

oh and it was longest day last night and i got WRECKED and pulled a hottie to cheesy christmas music lol


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