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26 year old Theatre Person, who hopes to one day become a fully fledged lighting designer. Currently living and working in Hornchurch at the lovely Queens Theatre (yes i know that implies i live at the theatre, it's meant to).I'm a Traveller of many roads including Canada, Germany and Namibia. I love Reading, Dissecting Films, Writing Plays, Angleing Lights, Levelling Sounds, Creating Photographs (when drunk and sober) Playing Guild Wars/Sims 3 and going out with my friends! I have an unrivalled passion for Kimi Raikkonen and motor sports in general.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Finish the sentences:

1. I've come to realize that my ex...is no longer an issue

2. I am listening to... Red Is The New Black Funeral For a Friend

3. I talk...too much about stuff other people don't know

4. I love...music (nothing matters but the music!)

5. My best friends...are my scaffolding as i am theirs

7. I lost... my orient teddy in greece

8. I hate it when people...make you feel bad for their lack of something

9. Love is...unknowable

10. Marriage is....out-dated and far too christian

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking...why them?

12. I'll always be…able to surprise myself

13. I have a crush on...no-one (very weird feeling)

14. The last time I cried was because... i felt that i couldn't handle another knock

15. My cell phone...is beautiful

16. When I wake up in the morning....i press snooze

17. Before I go to sleep at night.... i wonder if i'll wake up

18. Right now I am thinking about.... my evil neck

19. Babies are...not something i like

20. I get on myspace...after i get on kates blog, flickr and hotmail

21. Today I....attempted not to punch people i am growing to dislike

22. Tonight I will....not think about my bank balance

23. Tomorrow I will....make myself feel good by helping out the 1st years on their directing pracs

24. I really want...a quiet life

25. The person who most likely to repost this is... no one as im posting it on my blog...

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