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26 year old Theatre Person, who hopes to one day become a fully fledged lighting designer. Currently living and working in Hornchurch at the lovely Queens Theatre (yes i know that implies i live at the theatre, it's meant to).I'm a Traveller of many roads including Canada, Germany and Namibia. I love Reading, Dissecting Films, Writing Plays, Angleing Lights, Levelling Sounds, Creating Photographs (when drunk and sober) Playing Guild Wars/Sims 3 and going out with my friends! I have an unrivalled passion for Kimi Raikkonen and motor sports in general.

Monday, December 04, 2006

well my sisters posted more than me in the last few weeks so i feel bad!

went home for the weekend which was cool altho my leaving did seem to spark a certain person into revealing how she thinks of me which was nice, well not nice it gave me a very unpleasant trainride home but im sure she thought about that before she did it. sigh. anyway went out with paulo n SarahG on friday night, and all the redstars pretty much turned up so that was fun :) even with the hour walk home so we could all be walked home lol, then i went to watch arsenal spurs with harley n co (padge louis kat austin n sam) which sucked cos spurs lost n since theyr all spurs fans it was gay for them luckily i support the infamous O's who only drew :) then off to see New Found Glory in the evening where i was not expecting to seee a Miss Laura Snowling resident of '420' charleston residence Lake Louise 04-05 she was jus stood infront of me with her boyfriend steve i offered her some camera advice and when she turned round i realised it was her! freaky eh? awesome but a little scary she's jus finished her 2nd season out ther n this time Steve was with her which must have been awesome as the first season they did this whole crazy long distance thing. any way NFG were amazingly amazing i think iv only seen them once before so it was almost like a first time! urrrrm padge failed to get a t-shirt for a 5ver which has never happend before so thats a new one, next day(sunday) i woke up i watched a film called The Sundowners with Deborah Kerr trying to be aussie n coming out south american/texan but it was good if a bit long. then i traveled back on a very very packed train altho a nice man actually carryed my suitcase off at cardiff for me! i mean AMAZING!!! that never happens rejoice that ther r nice people in the world still!!!


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