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Saturday, January 20, 2007

fantabulous new book

yes yes i know its been a while, but iv had loads of work to do! although now iv finished it, 4 modules done! aaaarrrrrgggghhhh hehe. not i get to work my arse off on Lucretia Borgia for the next 3 weeks, but that will be fun i reckon if hard work, i shud really re-read the script at some point and make some notes lol, ill do it on the train home on tues nod. anyway the main reason for this post is cos i have a fantabulous new book by the author of all authors, oh she of the amazing writing skills Tamora Pierce (i like her a little bit :)) its called Beka Cooper: Terrier, and its set 200 years before the Lioness books are set, so thers all these wonderful bits of history i recognise from those books (which are my ultimate favourite books no question about that since iv read them about 20 times over the last 7 years) anyway its written in the style of a diary, Beka's diary of her first few weeks as a Puppy in the Provosts Dogs, BUT finally i get to the point, this diary entry really reminded me of someone i knows blog...

"Saturday April 11, 246

I hate pidgeons with nothing new.
I hate the Cesspool.
I hate festering, ranky, puling, gob-clogging, sarden colds.
I hate dragging my sorry sniffling hacking bum through duty.
I love my warm soft cat.
I have good friends who bring me things.
I love my bed."

sounds like my darling sister :) oh and teh cat she refers too is the previous incarnation of Faithful, Alanna's cat in the Lioness books, who dies at the end and a new constellation is seen by the foot of the constellation known as "The Goddess" which was called "The Cat" well in this previous incarnation of faithful he is called Pounce, a name Raoul suggests for him when he first appears in Alanna, and one of Bekas friends points out that he may not be an ordinary cat as one of the "wandering" constellations known as "The Cat" has been invisible in the sky for the last 4 years (since Beka got him) coincedence ;)


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