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Friday, April 06, 2007

a text that could rival matty

i was awoken at 7am this morning by the wonder of a text from sean...
"Today is the day sean price plans to break a personal record of hours in a week, by accumalating a massive 60 hours in 5 days. with this in mind and two more days work after this he could set a new pb for 7 days of work with a huge 76 hours in 7 days, he has been quoted as saying 'it's a massive achievement not only for me, my fans but my adoring wife emily who has ben there through thick and thin' today greatness is spelt s e a n! Bored emily! :( x"
well i think you can guess my reaction at that time in the morning was WTF and roll over n back to sleep! but hey seany boy u got a whole post about u!


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