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Thursday, April 05, 2007

since kate likes my surveys...

100 Things

1. I’ only doing this cos Kate’s done it twice and I feel left out...
2. ...Usually I’m far too independent to feel left out.
3. Though I do have my moments.
4. Eating an apple whilst typing is hard...
5. ...I wonder what would happen if I got apple juice on my laptop.
6. I like random things…
7. …So by the time I get to the end of this it will be very random
8. Shakespeare’s work is written in the most beautiful language ever.
9. I like iambic pentameter…
10. …This is probably why these lines are linking 2, 2, and then 3.
11. My dad just got back from France
12. I’m very glad it was fun for him as I always worry when he is alone…
13. …Which is strange cos I don’t worry about my mum being alone
14. I wish I had more pets other than a goldfish

15. The goldfish is called Emily
16. Its tank mate is called Beky
17. We were going to get 4 but Pippa n Kelly didn’t want them.
18. I’m only at 18 and feeling the strain
19. I’m 21 but feel like I’m 28…
20. …This is the exact opposite to my sister. (Mwah)
21. I lived in Canada for 8 months
22. I fully intend to emigrate there when I’m about 25/26
23. The word ‘emigrate’ reminds me of the Borrowers…
24. …I’ve only read the Borrowers books once but seen the TV series many times…
25. …The film was disappointing though
26. I was never a book-addict until I was 13
27. Tamora Peirce saved my mental functions by getting me to read.
28. I’d quite like to be Alanna, but taller...
29. …I’d have made a good knight I think.
30. I collect weird stuff from places I’ve been.
31. I’d like to do something interesting with them other than keeping them in a draw.
32. JD is my favourite drink.
33. For the last 3 birthdays and Christmases (if not more) I received at least 1 JD themed gift.
34. I compose photographs in my head when I see something beautiful/interesting.
35. I’m so glad I discovered photography at Uni else I’d be lost.
36. I used to be able to bang out a high grade essay in 2 hours having done no research.
37. I’m slightly worried that I can no longer do this.
38. Everyone thinks Hollyoaks is a load of Bollox…
39. …But I quite like the storylines if not most of the characters.
40. I like to think kids will watch it and learn something about life.
41. I find myself very depressed when people don’t know things that I take for granted as general knowledge.
42. My family are very middle class.
43. I think good food is more important than good clothing (except maybe shoes).
44. I have 18 pairs of shoes at uni…
45. …I'm not overly sure how many pairs I have at home…
46. …I’m slightly scared about the number of shoes I own and how many times I’ve worn them.
47. I am a film geek
48. I have an approximate total of 250+.
49. And when people ask me what my favourite film is I get very stressed…
50. …I think its Poseidon Adventure, if only because I love the old version and I like the new one.
51. I cannot believe it’s almost 2 years since I finished my job in Lake Louise

52. …And that in all that time I’ve only seen Rachel and Elise.
53. I like to play guild wars…
54. …I’m thinking it’s the reason for my problems with my neck.
55. I need an actual desk in my room at home.
56. My laptop is burning my legs.
57. I have incredibly see-through skin…
58. …This is really un-sexy as u can see all my veins.
60. I get annoyed when my mum compares her current physical state to mine…
61. …I do not feel a 21 year-old should have similar pains to a 59 year-old…
62. …I’m now slightly worried I’ve gotten my mum’s age wrong..
63. I miss living with blokes.
64. Girls are far too self-involved; myself included (not a dig, truth).
65. I can’t bring myself to buy clothes from shops like Nefertiti in Ponty…
66. …because they remind me of chav shops in Basildon.
67. Having Basildon on my passport is very embarrassing.
68. I love to watch people’s expressions when they receive information that can be classed as Stereotypical.
69. Such as being a blonde from Essex.
70. I’m not sure the last 2 made much sense.
71. I wish I was doing my 2nd year prac as my third year prac…
72. …Since Handmaids Tale means a lot to me.
73. Handmaids Tale and Goo Goo dolls got me through a bad time in lower sixth.
74. Its almost 4 years.
75. I spend a lot of time making sarcastic jokes and Innuendo.
76. In-Your-Endo.
77. I first watched scrubs in Victoria in Canada in 2002.
78. I have been addicted to it ever since.
79. I get my life lessons from the last 5 minutes of scrubs episodes.
80. And I hear the “duh di duh duh duh duh di duuuuuh” song when I’m considering something sad.
81. I’m currently addicted to Facebook.
82. It is strangely depressing when you refresh the homepage and nothing has happened.
83. I spent the afternoon lying on a trampoline with my gal pals…
84. …I love that they know me better than I know myself…
85. …It is impossible for me to offend them (unless I majorly over stepped the line and I’m pretty sure I’d notice I was about to do that.)
86. I know that in a minute I’ll have to go back through this and add “…’s” and capital letters.
87. I don’t understand why they made Dougary Scott English in Desperate Housewives when he sounds much better Scottish.
88. I used to collect teapots…
89. …And interesting rocks.
90. I’d make my family go to castles and caves when we went on holiday in France.
91. I was a pain in my sister’s arse until she left home.
92. Now I wouldn’t be without her.
93. I want to have written, directed and lit a play by the time I’m 40.
94. I love to make photomontages of each month that passes.
95. People constantly thieve my photos for their facebook/myspace/bebo…
96. …This only annoys me occasionally.
97. I’d like to learn to fence properly…
98. …And then go to Shushuan.
99. I just missed Hollyoaks cos I was writing this.
100. I’m very impressed I got this far!

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