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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Once more into a tech dear friends

Well, another week another show. Its good so far, cant ask for anything more than the first half done in the first tech session!
The show is View from the Bridge and, judging by the run i saw last week its going to be very frickin good.
I downside is we've got a work experience boy here, and he is a serious techie boy.
What i mean by techie boy is a kid who ALWAYS knows better than you, as far as he's concerned. Who already knows everything and more about technical theatre. Anjd i'm reasonably certain the young ones refuse to listen/accept your opinions if only because you are female.
Now im not saying this kid is for sure a techie boy, he may well be nervous and just trying to show he knows stuff about our industry.
I had a run in with one at uni, the thing with techie boys is they NEVER have any creative instinct, but are certain that they do. This run in ended with Brychan nearly knocking him out when he said "see ya later Bitch" to me, as i'd joked that as the LD/tech director for the show we were working on...he was my bitch. In standard techie boy form, he refused to admit someone might know more than him or be in a higher position.
I think its the arrogance and know its the smug expressions that truly get my back up with these people (as im sure techie girls exist too). I mean this kid commented so disparagingly on the Strand 530 console (having never even used one) that i immediately pointed out all its good points and how without it we'd still be using switches and the desk his stage school have wouldnt even exist, and how i obviously disliked their desk. (Which i don't i think the EOS series is awesome.)
These boys may well grow up, keep their knowledge but stop being such smug little twunts. I do very very much hope this is the case.

Anyways, peace n love n all that.
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