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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


...just maybe, one day when i say i'll keep up with my blog, ill keep up with it.
I mean, i seem to have had a lot more to say when i was 18/19 than i do now at 25.
Or is it merely that i'm now stupidly busy and pretty much live in a theatre?
For example, this week I'm working 1pm til 10pm. My routine the last 2 days has been:
10am(ish) get-up and attempt some Yoga (more on that later)
11am(ish) shower, do random household chores washing up etc.
12pm eat, watch ground force whilst playing Sims.
1240pm leave for work.
11pm get home from work after consuming a fake beer in the bar (More on that later). Play some sims or watch TV.
1230am go to bed.

Sure i could get up earlier and get more in, but i like sleeping til 10 its the only way i really feel like ive had enough sleep. I WISH i was someone who got up at 8am no matter what they were doing, people who get a morning as well as an extra bit of evening.
Anyway, i ramble.
I shall post about Yoga and alcohol free beer later. (No i'm not pregnant, just a bit broken.)
With my current track record, the yoga post will be december and the beer one sometime in 2012

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