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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


here i am

after a long abscence of more than a month i have returned to the world of blog. a lot has happened in the last month, the main thing being that my dad died. it was rather sucky.

i'm fed up with everyone being worried about me. i do not need to be worried about. i've coped with death far too many times already to go catatonic in a corner.

i miss him tho i find myself noticing things i should tell him about or wondering what kind of bird just flew over my head. but wherever he is now he will be without pain i hope.

so anyway enough of that morbid crap (u see why people are worried?) me, my mum kate and anthony and my brychan went to center parcs at the weekend for my mums 60th birthday celebrations. it was legendary. had so very much fun and drank far too much wine. i think i shall lay off the sauce for a few days for i am concerend for my kidneys lol.

i duno what eles to say realy uni is fun, pretty hardcore in the lectures and i havn't been doing enough outside of the lectures but i shall rectify that one!

oh and brychan has a free house until november 1st. so i have the feelign i'll be spending a large amoutn of time in Barry over the next couple of weeks!!


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