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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Couldn't help but notice...

....how much blogging my sister has been doing over the last week. crazy mare :) sooooooooooo whats new with me hmmmm not much really. my birthday was a sad repeat of last year but without the 'ricay re-inforcements, instead of no drama paople coming out it was no tref people, other than Sean who is my sean :) but its those that put the effort in i count as my mates :) 2 of brychans mates came in from bath and oxford, and they've only met me a few times therefore i like brychans mates :)

uni is uni, i hae a proposal due in next week, i think i want to do my applied work in the royal british legion home thats nearby somewhere, i think i can learn a lot from veterans like those :) tho they'll probably all hold with the idea that drama is for cissys lol.

i have a job! (i should post more lol) its at the Office concession in the giant topshop in town. i'm enjoying it so far, mainly cos of all the pretty shoes i get to look at, i dont enjoy it so much when a customer asks for the pretty shoes and i have to balance on a ladder and try not to fall off while pulling out the right box! but i got a free pair of sexy silver wrap around boots and i get 35% off which is niiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

i'm off to see Macbeth next week which will be rather fabulous as it has the swoonirific Patrick Stewart in it (ok not so swoony but hes a damn good actor)

i got awesome things for my birthday including.... A Necklace made our of quartz and amethyst into a triskele :) some nuclear waste containers a pink leatherman, a funky funky mask, a photo hangy thing, a duck keyring, a meh t-shirt, an Audrey Hepburn belt (drooooool), a nemo balloooon, many drinks and a lovely Dante's Divine Comedy edition from the Bath boys and i think lucy but i'm not sure who to give the credit too lol.

things with me n brychan are awesome :) he is far too good to a moany old cow like me :) tho i suppose he does get beer out of the deal...oh and smarties cookies :)

i shall endeavor to post more


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