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Thursday, September 20, 2007


I just got a horrible shock.

oh i thought i'll just back up all the files on my laptop while i pack! thats a good idea....problem was i hadn't fully comprehended how much i'd lost when my laptop crashed in april. i thought i'd at least backed everyhing up from before christmas, but no i flipped through my photo and files CDs and see that the furthest they go is august 2006. so i basically lost all the original copies of everthing i photographed after that time. including all my photograpy work for the 2nd module all the nights out i;d been on and every shot i'd ever taken with my digital SLR.

you can imagine the sinking feeling. in fact i still have that sinking feeling as i write this. sur ei know i have all my favourite photographs backed up on flickr. but thats not the same as having he originals on disc. its just a horrible feeling!

i shll now endeavor to back up every single file on my laptop. i hope i have enough discs...

stupid age of the computer.


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