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Monday, June 25, 2007

Weeeell then

LeMans was rather fabulous, thought it rained the entire time, well it didnt rain for like 6 hours on sunday then we put on suncream and it went "oh no you dont!" n bucketed it down instead. i got so very wet, and so did my camera bag. mah but still awesome.

me n Brychan spent a few days in bath too, well we actually spent more days in bath than we did in france lol, that was great, he has a really awesome group of mates n it was rather fun. lots of laughs n stuff.

the last 2 weeks have seemed like forever but rushed by really fast if that makes any kind of sense, all i can say is i'm pretty damn happy with the welshman, and the 3 months of holidays, instead of feeling like forever and that theyr never gonna end, actually look as if theyr gonna go by really fast. tis good :) and its Reading Festival in like 60 days!!! WWWWOOOOOOOO!!!

so im back at NatCen for the summer, i'm gonna make a little countdown type thing i reckon excluding weekends n reading n bits just so as i know exactly how many days of random filing and stupid interviewers!

Matty has finally turned up on facebook so altho hes been neglecting my blog of late at least hes on there! plus i havnt heard from seanin a few days i wonder if hes drunk under a machine somewhere. hehe

right i'll be off for now then.


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