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Friday, June 01, 2007

right well!

where have i been eh?

buzzing around like a very busy thing. had the 2nd year pracs which went well, then a week of popular theatre which was bloody hilarious, ending in a performance where i got to stab myself in the throat after strangling lenny n smothering bridie. bring it! bloody awesome hehe then it was the conference yesterday all essays in ll work done im finished with the 2nd year!!! woooooop

in the meantime i have fallen madly in love iwth a welshman. yes i know your all very disappointed in me. im a bad person with terrible taste in men but u knew that anyway so why are u giving me that look?!? its cool, he makes me happy, even when hes being a bit of a dick i just wait around 10 mins n hes a nice guy again hehe, even threatened to decapitate highlander for telling his girlfriend id come onto him, oh and by the way they hadnt split up when i was seeing him. i foudn this out cos the lovely girlfriend stood next to me at the bar n said "you're a slag aren't u, yeh u r, uve snogged my boyfriend" which caused me to have an internal explosion but i walked calmly away, when her mates came up to me laughing and joking (male mates) and said "your a fucking slag aren't you" i lost my rag a little so while i was in the toilets screaming down the phone to sean brychan had a quiet word with them telling them to go fuck themselves. anyway this all led ot me talking to the girl and filling her in on a few things about her stinky boyfriend. mainly that he'd come onto me, he was a wanker and no, he has spent the last year and a half stalking dori not the other way around.


happier things! im going to see im sorry i hant a clue on monday which shall be awesome! then the weekend after im home for a brief stint with the welshman to see LOTR on stage and have some drinkies with me buddies, then off to le mans the weekend after that to get sunburnt n deafness from the pretty sun and cars. THEN finally i shall be returning from wales to essex to slog at natcen for 2 months, various trips to wales an reading festival occuring at intervals. mah.



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