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Friday, May 04, 2007

not much to say really darlings

went out for lennys birthday on tues...managed not to hurl!

um... my 2nd year directing prac is at 12ish on the 14th so i am trying to not panic...ain't happening since i am still lacking four red habits. but my chairs looks hot! i am currently hoping that theediting i did today will NOT have the annoying cracks at the end of each track which have no reason to be there grrrrr.

im so tired right now im a little woozy

i've spent a total of 100 quid in tescos this week but that does include cleaning stuff and beer! so only about 75 of it was on food :S

oh good avril has just come on WMP

laptop could keel over any second and i'm attempting to register the extended warranty about 68 days late, one more day and it would have been funnier

i'm sure theres a new film i want to see thats out tommoro but i have NO idea what it is


i would like to see my sister!!

its 4 years since my grandad went on to the next world. (((HUGS)))

this is starting to sound like a "100 things" so im gonna bugger off now!!


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