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Sunday, May 06, 2007

60 honest questions

60 honest questions
if you're not going to be honest, don't take this survey.

1. Who is the last person you held hands with?

Brychan i think

2. If you were drafted into a war, would you survive?

of course, i'd probably end up with some debilitating injury in the first 5 minutes tho.

3. Do you sleep with the TV on?


4. Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton?

oh yes

5. Have you ever won a spelling bee?

well since we don't appear to have them in our sane country

6. What is your longest fight you had with one of your friends?

yikes i dunno probly about 5 days

7. Are you a fast typer?


8. scared of the dark?


10. Who can you always turn to?

Sean or Frenchie

11. When's the last time you chose a bath over a shower?

when i was last at home (no bath at uni)

12. Do you knock on wood?

no, padges head tho.

13. Are you drinking anything right now?

yes coke, and i can feel it dissolving my insides

14. Do you think you're attractive?

i think im intimidating/striking

17. What do you want for your next birthday?

oooo that one i really don't know! maybe a camcorder.

18. Do you know the muffin man?

who lives on drury lane?

19. Do you talk in your sleep?

LOL yes, yes i do, i hit people too! *smack* It's alright becca! i got the fly!!

20. Have you ever flown a kite?

many times, even once in a storm, well when a storm was brewing

22. When was the last time that you went swimming and where?

fuck um. thats a hard one i love to swim but i never get to do it, it may even be when i was in canada.

23. Do you consider yourself successful?

i think i could have done better in the past, i reckon i could do better

24.How many people are on your contact list of your cell phone?

hundreds probably, a lot of useless ones on there

25. Have you ever jumped on a trampoline?

drunk/sober many many times

26. Plans for tomorrow?

sleep, and my Independant Study

27. What's your middle name?


28. Missing someone right now?

Yeah i am.

29. When's the last time you told someone you loved them?

last night, daddy :)

31. How are you feeling today?

tired and headachy, think im comin down with somethin as my right sinus has gone numb!

33. Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school?

only for an afternoon

34. What are you looking forward to ?

my prac

35. Have you ever crawled through a window?

lol oh yes, many many times especially in canada.

37. Have you ever eaten dog food?

maybe...... heh

38. Can you handle the truth?

i wouldn't be me if i couldn't

40. What 3 things do you always bring with you to places?

phone, a source of music, camera

41. Any cool scars?

u can still jsut see the riot scar!

42. Do you like or have a crush on anyone?


45. How often do you talk on the phone?

only to the parents sister and frenchie.

46. Do you believe in love?

i believe in connections, and since thats what love is yes!

47. Is there someone you want that you can't have?

no because kimi and toseland just havn't happened to meet me yet.

48. Three things about the preferred sex that you first notice?

Height, Eyes, Shoulders

50. Who did you last hug?

pip i think

52. Where is your cell phone?

under my script

54. Favorite Color(s)?

Magenta (none of that chavy baby pink) Green

55.Last movie you watched?

Kill Bill Vol. 1

56. What song are you currently listening to?

Wonderful, Original Cast Recording, Wicked.

57. What do you want?

my prac to work!

59. What t.v. show are you watching?

nothin, tho i have the first season of House MD on download.

60. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone.?

my Dad

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