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Sunday, March 25, 2007

so what do i say...

third year pracs again! wooo! excpt im not soley in charge of any this year im jus helping out with bits of rigging and lighting design, still i expect ill get very drunk with all the 3rd years on friday jus like last year, at least the folks wont be picking me up at 8am! sigh

met a nice guy last night, i never seem to talk about blokes on here anymore probably cos this gets posted to facebook which is generally where all the guys id talk about are most of the time lol but yeh he seems nice i don't expect any thing from it but its all fun, mainly i wanted to mentionhim cos he has a name thats incredibly hard to spell Brychan bloody welshies lol and he mentioned he follows a norse like religion and hates christianity which gave me a chill of oh shit this guy is the welsh version of phoenix RUN!!! very amusing moment my face must have been a picture.

so anyway it was dans Anchorman birthday do yesterday started drinking at 1 stopped about 2am oh dear i vaguely remember everythin especially that i bought the boys a bloody case of carling for beer pong! insane i am i really really am! i have been very sneaky and am keeping my rent money until the loans come in on the 23rd of april, cos beky said i can pay her then and i have 10 quid to last me a month and a credit card, credit card is not good, especially since i jus had to fork out for 2 reading tickets lol. oh dear kate don't say anythin to mum! i probably will tell her at some point and she can yell and ill give her back half or somethin but im poor :( and this savesher giving me any other money!

i hate being poor, iv never been unable to spend any money before it confuses the hell out of me!!


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