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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the end...

shows over folks!

well not today it was over on saturday night....but since i've been holed up in bed with flu since havn't really had the clarity of mind to wirte a fascinating blog entry! and as this is a hopefully prolonged lucid moment, i had a couple of hours yesterday morning but they faded as the day advanced lol, thought i'd better do me a lil entry!

the show in glam was awesome :) especially since on thrudays Saz, Lucy Pol n Beky all came to see it :) they seemed to really enjoy it! the look on Sazzles face during the final scene was priceless! Pip, Costello (and heres the biggy) SEAN and Dan came on the friday, Costello was scared shitless by Montefeltros entrance (hahahaha its a woman in a CLOAK with her arm painted BLACK costello!) and i was incredibly flattered by Seans presence, especially since it was his first ever play, and eh only blacked out through some of it! LOVE IT! well hs n dans fav bits were the Lighting changes and they hastily headed for the pub after (im guessing the real favourite bits were when me n emma kept buying them drinks in appreciation of their effort) and then of course saturday night was the final night! got nicely tipsy on Cava on set, Prof Hand gave us a little sing-song there were thanks and group photos all round then we all went to the pub and got slaghtered! like really drunk at like 5 o'clock hence why i didnt realise until late on sunday that what i had was flu and hangover not just a hangover. not good dude.

so its goodbye to Lucretcia Borgia and hello to life! altho now the Handmaid's Tale starts in earnest with lots of "how to be a puppet" training from me and lots of moanin from my actors lol.

off home on friday for padge B'day, we're goin to the comedy club so shud be awesome despite lack of funds!


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