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26 year old Theatre Person, who hopes to one day become a fully fledged lighting designer. Currently living and working in Hornchurch at the lovely Queens Theatre (yes i know that implies i live at the theatre, it's meant to).I'm a Traveller of many roads including Canada, Germany and Namibia. I love Reading, Dissecting Films, Writing Plays, Angleing Lights, Levelling Sounds, Creating Photographs (when drunk and sober) Playing Guild Wars/Sims 3 and going out with my friends! I have an unrivalled passion for Kimi Raikkonen and motor sports in general.

Friday, November 24, 2006

im like bored... everyone seems to be going home this weekend well everyone being the gals i live with and sean lol. so i shall have a very empty house all weekend and nothing to do well othe rthan an essay on ealing comedy which i enjoy tho its gettin the essay started thats the problem n i shud probly come up with some design ideas as well as we're now in a larger group n the people me n claire have joined with dont really have much we can work with, well as in to combine our 2 designs tho im sure we'll work soemthin out its still very urrrrrgh.

um i dunno i went to the taste of chaos tour o n tues with padge and that was awesome i appear to have bruised my knuckle in the mosh which would havebeen more impressive if i hadnt been moshing with like 16 year olds, we felt very old, ther was like never a que at the bar cos they asked everyone for id so non of the kiddies could get the smirnoff ice they so craved!

got an email from Paul which was wicked as i havnt heard from him in like 8 months hes good living it up in teeside liek thers no tomoro! oh and Andy got mugged by a couple of chavs on sat night which is a bit shit his face is a total mess altho i dont think they broke his jaw which jus goes to show i cud have punched him when we broke up lol the only reason i didnt was cos i was worried id re-break his glass jaw!


Monday, November 20, 2006


we look good together dont u think ?


Thursday, November 16, 2006

hi im sean...dwarf porn???!!

im very hungover :) i love my emily yay emily is insane and is a monster. some magical happened early on the sofa but i wil let emily explian that to u and its not wat u think!!!!! right were of to get very very drunk to get over this hangover!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hello kate i love u :) mwah bye bye bye bye bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

EmLah and the McFijan

and those of u who watch greys anatomy will kno what the Mc means lol. well i met this guy in the first term who told me i smell and said he was from fiji. psycho thinks me. then i started talkin to him about 2 weeks ago about my tattoo (the top one) which led to a huge Pagan/Religon debate for about 2 hours which was scarily interesting! hmmmmmm thinks i blue eyes 6'4" built like a bouncer/rugby player but with a neck! and intelligent apparently! a week later its my 21st so im wrecked and kiss him, (alcohol is bad) and the next weds i see him again after playing pub golf yes so also very very wrecked, and discovered that even tho i was wrecked and he wasn't he still quite liked me! go me i think drunka and attractive! so i take his number and he takes mine n we text quite a lot over the next few days we decide to meet up on tues as im goin to muse on sun and creation on monday then a horrific thing happens! i can't go to muse :( cos the guy i was goin with bailed no one else can go and the last train home is at 2207 so very upset i dont go to muse and stay in and watch ghost instead, only to be joined by the McFijan aka Highlander aka Paul we stay up til 4 talking a lot of bollox mainly about red dwarf shakespeare injuries and the army, oh and a bit of physics but it ain't my strong point! he goes home and i hear nothing from him on monday "oh no i have been taken for a ride" me thinks only to recieve a text about 2100 sayin hes been asleep all day n is about to go back to bed cos of an exhausting weekend. i head out to creation and dance like a crazy gal with me sazzle even tho some wench attempted to put a stilleto thro my foot and cerys threw a very well aimed bottle at lolly who was wearing a hideous backless dress with a black bra on full display at the back!.....watch this space for more info on EmLah and the McFijan (tenner says it goes nowhere lol)

Friday, November 10, 2006


i say grey cos today it looked like it was getting dark at about 2 o'clock! damn wales n its rainyness! now anyone who hasnt i think should join facebook cos its fun! and like FUN and um i dunno lol. just been working on some stuff in the photography lab my first film is a bit shit so im gonna head out to the countryside avec parents tomoro to get some good landscape shots! theyr bringing my cello to wales so i can annoy everyone with wrong notes and crescendos! sean appears to have infected me with his love of exclamaition marks!

played pub golf on wednesday and it was like a high speed hybred of the one we play at home since it was done after about an hour and we were all wrecked! managed most drinks in 1 or 2 even tho they included beer and wine quite a lot of beer actually but it was an all round fun night. sorted everything with andy finally and i think i can be mates with him now even tho its blatantly obvious we still have feelings for eachother even if he cant see it himself it appears im not the only one to have noticed that look in his eyes n he's a nob for not seeing it himself, poor men they just cant see beyond the end of their nose! i'm gonna knock out a girl called lolly cos she said i was fake very loudly whilst hurredly leaving a corridor and since shes probably the fakest person i have ever met i may tell her one or 2 things about being a real person whilst i have her attention when im holding her up by her throat :)


Monday, November 06, 2006


i seem tpo have lost the urge to blog lol. i think its the writing effort. well i had my birthday, got rather wrecked on the thurs and a load of people bailed out of coming altho my favourite people were there :) and then onthe saturday.. the drama crew bailed on coming i mean sure they had reasons but they'll all be out for beams birthday tonight so its a bit like THANKS! but my billericay crew or part of the crew were here which was awesome much love to frenchie padge n jamie for making it to wales even tho it was cold even tho they ate all my bread lol.
so its down to some hard work now me thinks actually gonna go in early to design to tweak at my spiral staircase which i forgot i had to build lol well i missed quite a lot of lectures last week so u know its fine! really it was my birthday and like i was like ill n stuff like.

so anyway...... cup of tea i think


Thursday, November 02, 2006



im like so old its insane! lol also im wearing a lot of grey today, i dunno why but hey grey is a good colour! um i cant think of much to say really lol headed out tonight to get drunk....surprise.....then my possee from home r coming up to see me on sat which shud be awesome and also drunk....surprise....um i dunno i got some funky pressies from the mother inc. 101 things to do before you're old and boring, which is a book with things to do and a lil form to fill out once u've done them!!! ive already done at leat 10 so im all good, and an edward monkton book about amazing shoes which hurt, which i know quite a lot about lol.


i dunno? lol