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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Really Hate...

people passing comment on F1 whenthey know nothing about it.

the people i am immediately sure do not know anything about F1 are the people who only started watching it because of Lewis Hamilton.

these are the people who are the most voiceiferous (ignore spelling u know what i mean) in chat room, on youtube comments, on facebook etc.etc.

these people have absolutely no understanding of driver ettiquette, or of any of the long standing F1 rules.

AND YET.....

they still pass comment on everything "ferrari are evil...blahblahblah FIA are in their pocket....blahblahblah"


i mean seriously the only team who have cheated in the recent history of the sport are Maclaren for fucksake!!!!!

putting all the bias against ferrari to one side (hamil-humpers only dislike them because they kick hamiltons arse constantly and they discovered that lewis was only winning races last year because of a) his tailormade 10 year in development just for him car and b) its bolted on bits of ferrari.

YES hamilton has talent YES one day he may well be a great driver BUT he is not the reincarnation of ayrton senna (and lewis you did say you drove better than senna at monaco, therefore you did say you were better than senna therefore your talking out your arse when you say you haven't said that) AND had any other driver in the field been spoon fed by maclaren since he was an infant, he would be exactly where lewis is.

Hamilton reminds me a lot of Montoya. he used to do dangerous and reckless things like diving around in front of other peoples cars! (thats twice hes done it to kimi now, but he wont crash unless its wet lewis, he has better grip than you i the dry)

seriously i don't hate hamilton. i understand that a certain amount of bravado and confidence and even arrogance is needed to be the F1 champion (my favourite driver is Kimi for fucksake) but he needs to stop trying to be all holier than though, i'd like him a lot better if he just dropped the fake "nice-boy" persona.

ok i should probably stop now, i expect i'll get hateful comments on the post by people who have only watched F1 for 18 months and know Senna only as Hamiltons hero.

...i followspotted gerry and the pacemakers today. how cool am i.


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