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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hamilton - The Man I Hate

well kate was wrong about me blogging more...

Lewis Hamilton. he is without doubt the biggest cock pocket to come out of britain since bernie ecclestone himself.

not only does he ditch his childhood sweetheart for a bimbo his dad picked out for him with a colour chart. not only does he have 9 autobiographies. and not only does he invite people to watch him race who give the black power salute to the cameras.
but he is underhand enough to dive around the race track in treachorous conditions in order to drive his rival off the racetrack almost certainly as revenge for him passing him on the outside (which he says, is undoable) in the first lap. AFTER he made a mistake, a couple of corners after i might add so it probably wasn't because of his mistake.

he then cheers and celebrates his stolen victory without checking whether or not the man he drove off the track is actually in one piece.

Lewis Hamilton is a world-class twunt. if there was a championship for the worlds biggest twunt i would support him every step of the way to gaining his rightful title.

however in F1 where he is no more talented than half the pack, hes just had a tailor made car, he will never truly be world champion in anything oher than name. because to be world champion in F1 humanity, decency, and a sense of driving ettiquette is required.

oh and i would have thought having your dad hold your balls for you wouldbe a clear disqualification. isn't that tampering with the driver/car package?

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Kate said...

I adore you! xxx