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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Non-Student

oh my...i graduated yesterday.

that means i'm a non smoking adult.

who doesn't get to learn in lectures anymore (which does actually make me sad as i really do like learning)

graduation was pretty fun :) as was the drinking after.

the best part (tho at the time it made my blood pressure spike) was when they opened the ceremony with a piece written by Bach for the Cello, which was played on the piano. it wasn't listed as among the music to be played (i'd already had a moment over pachelbel's canon) and when the opening bars hit home i knew that my dad was there in spirit, or maybe it was just a sign from Her that he would have been proud had he lived.

i bet i just made Kate cry...


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Kate said...


Does this whole graduated thing mean that you might start blogging more...