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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Starting to think...

...that as its the holidays i should be posting more, no excuses of uni work hehe.

weeeeeeeeell i went to Le Mans 24hr last week, which was pretty awesome. we built a beer mountain out of 362 bottles (thats 180 odd pints) and finished off at least another 60 odd pints once the tetrabeerdron as brychan calls it was finished. these last pints were obtained due to the ingenuity of polish Fil and myself trudging around the campsite offering to buy beer! (and also by brych an cliff who contributed with one case n some heiniken) the final 'steal' count was 52 bottles of Kronenbourg, 2 Bulmers, 12 Stella, 6 Heiniken, a bottle of wine, a pack of baccy with rizla and a party invite at which we got more beer all for the grand total of 22 euros. me thinks we did ok.

i took over 1500 photos (some being deleted for crapness) which are being added to flickr as i write this, very slowly as the tool keeps overloading!

in other news i didn't get into RADA which is now of cos it means i got a 1.4 Feista Zetec '07 reg with a tech toy package instead :) but now i have to earn lots of money to pay off my debts and become a real person. i'm still gonna apply for RWCMD for Feb tho just to see if they want me or need more professional experience.

right i have a feeling my smiley faces are burning and Robin Hood is calling


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