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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ok so i'm crap and haven't posted for AGES

harry potter was absolutely awesome, met more cool people at Kates work and read a totally amazing book, also realised how very much i miss customer service (i'll look back on this after 6 months of working next uni year n swear at myself) seriously tho the book is so good. im so gonna be reading it again VERY soon :)

Sarah French a.k.a Haras is off travelling for a year. standby for EmLah to go absolutely insane over the next 12 months probably regressing to a large blob of primeval mucus about may next year.

i'm headed off to cardiff butt for the weekend to se my Dori :)

and i just bought a Creative Zen V+ which is a very funky little MP3 player. its 4gb and i got it for a damn good price! (fuck off mum it isn't extravagent its a good deal and its gonna be really useful to me i do Drama Theatre and MEDIA therefore i need some kidn of semi-decent modern MEDIA player) grr

i have also been feeling a lot of rage recently about racism, mainly in songs that are about now a days which noone other than me and a few friends seem to have spotted the racist content. the song that gets me the most is Mama Africa by Akon, listen to or read the lyrics and hopefully you'll pick up what i mean. i just feel so frustrated about the one-way definition of racism, it is prejudice against any race, which does include caucasions (and yes i know i can't spell) i don't want anyoen to think i'm being racist myself about this song just because it's a black musician, i simply feel that it aggrevates me that if a song of this ilk were produced by a white musician it would not necessarily be accepted in the way in which the song by Akon is. i respect him as a muscian but as a person i think he appears to be a pretentious nob. and yes i am just jealous of the amount of money he makes.

ok i hope that makes some kind of sense and doesn't paint me as a member of the KKK.


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